Dehara extras - Deharavath at Giant Robot NY

While Dehara's work is on the walls at Giant Robot New York, I thought it would be cool to show you some goods he's made. Check out his work with Meiji chocolates in Japan. Click around and have fun with it. Would an American candy company ever do this? Here's a link. Dehara gave me a cellphone charm that they gave away at some convenience stores in Japan. The big companies are finally catching on. Check out the GRNY art exhibition goods too. link to the Giant Robt NY gallery.

Then a confection company tapped Dehara to make a Tosa dog themed dorayaki. Tosa's are fighting dogs, and Dehara's Tosa actually bites the kid character! But it still works on this pastry. It's from a lesser travelled region. Ishikawa maybe... I forgot what he told me, and you can get these only there.

This tasted great. I gave most of mine away to people who helped out at Giant Robot NY for the show. David Horvath got a whole box!