New Years at Tempura House

One of the best kept secrets on Sawtelle is Tempura House. I've written about them before, but this time, I have more pics. It's up a bit from the shops, but it's a good reason to hit that little strip of market, video store, and Tempura House. The Bento is now 5.50 and you actually get rice too. They make this everyday, and it's different just a bit from time to time. The folks there are nice, older, and run it. The lady is funny, she just sits there, and you walk in, and she might not even get up if she doesn't have to, and she shouldn't.

They had special new years prep food. For the Japanese ex-pats, this is the place to pick stuff up and have a party.

You can get curry and tons of other foods, they have daily specials posted on the wall. I'm less into that, but people love it.

That's her, she'd be pissed that I took her pic, but I swear, she's the charm of the place.

That's what it looks like. Tempura House is on the far left.