Chicken Pie Shop - Fresno

There's not a ton of good in Fresno, except thrift stores and Sonic. But the Tower District is their supposed hipster area. It's sort of that way, but the moment I was there, it looked nice. The theater is quite old and looks great. I couldn't figure out the films they showed there. What were they? I never heard of them. The Chicken Pie Shop is one of the oldest restaurants around and it's obvious what they serve best. The shop is old school and probably refinished and remodeled to keep it looking that way.

An old school sign on the side.

They have weird hours, so keep posted. They close early.

Pretty neat, I wonder what that patten on the floor is all about. Leftover linoleum?

The building is just cool looking.

The prize is the pie.

It's not inexpensive at $4 something and it's pretty small, but it's actually really tasty.