Return Arthur Nakane's shit now.

There's no justice when you hear stuff like Arthur Nakane, the one man band dude getting his gear stolen. It's sort of like Sonic Youth getting their gear stolen that one time. Those one of a kind instruments and so on. Arthur might be able to replace it all, but someone stole his lively hood out of his truck. Pretty harsh. This dude though, is a survivor, you will see him again. But if you got the time, or energy, take a look at the video. I interviewed him back in issue number 5. During my record scouring days, I found his lp. It was a super limited vanity pressed lp, but I wrote to the po box (this was before mass use of internet), and poof he wrote back. Any contribution can go here. No, I doubt he has paypal.

Check his myspace as well. Yeah, even at this writing, he only has 5 friends.

Here's his site. It barely works.

Art Nakane
P.O. Box 50673
Pasadena, CA 91105