Manna restaurant

Out of control is the only way to describe this place. $16.99 buys you anything they have to come to your table. Beef? ribs, chicken, pork, name it, and it'll come endlessly until you can't eat anymore. I suggest the ribs as being the best stuff there is, but the pork, which was actually sweet was quite great too. You couldn't stop eating it. You get the banchan which is okay/fair, the egg that comes in those black bowls below are actually really good, and you can't help but eat it, even though you're thinking, "this is filler!" 

The magic of this place is that they can handle huge groups. Make a reservation, and enjoy, this place is actually a lot of fun, and if you're with big eaters, then this is the spot. I ate a lot of beef. The chicken didn't impress, and the thin beef (I didn't know which this was) was just okay. Stick to the pork and the ribs.

It was cousin Mike's birthday dinner. His girl, Eugenia got a part on the Christian Slater TV show. Last question: does anyone know about Dream Cake? Heard of it? Is this a real cake? That's a dream cake. Is this something that extends world wide? Or is this a California thing? 

Manna Korean bbq
3377 W. Olympic blvd
LA 323 733 8516