Beautiful Losers the Film Starting Tonight at the Nuart

Beautiful Losers the film is opening at the Nuart, just down the street from Giant Robot store. Director Aaron Rose is a pretty good guy. I hung out with him for nearly a week in Madrid, for another art exhibition and have run into him a few times locally in LA. We had some good conversations about Beautiful Losers and at the same time, I'd like to think I brought a different view point to what the film and movement might be. I thought it was a jumping off point, while many were pissed off about what the "movement" was all about. It excluded a ton of artists, who were probably worthy of being part of the "in" crowd. But what then it did was create a small fire under people's asses to make their own movements and that might actually be the larger gift that came from the film. I remember in a press conference in Madrid, Aaron Rose mentioned that point about the film. Maybe it's an easy out in times of tough questions, but it's the truth.

Beautiful Losers.
CRIBS: Aaron Rose's crib in the LA Times. We talked about the African masks once, well there they are.