A week in food

I didn't blog a lot over the weekend, but that means I've accumulated  some photos. This time, it's food and restaurants. Bay Cities is a fixture in Santa Monica. It's one of those places you have to go to. Get a sandwich, try out their salads, get some cheese. I always opt for the Poor Boy sandwich which is salami, bologna, and peppers, lettuce, and tomato. The roll it comes in is great too. It has flavors that I don't get elsewhere. I dare not show a photo. You'll want to get one now. $6! Check out Bay Cities.

Cheeses from all over the world. I don't eat cheese. But I'm starting to become sympathetic to them - even if it gives me the gas. 

Raku is near my house. It's in WLA. It's a great place that's probably underrated. The last times I've gone there, there's been this sign that tells you the ranking of the most popular items. This is an izakaya, they have tons of small dishes, so this helps. The weird thing is that I never tried anything on the top 10 even though I've been here a few times. See those arrows. Is it a riser, same, or a downer? I've tried 6 and 8, because I saw the sign.

Shishamo nanban. It's pickled fish. It's a good one, my mom makes this better however. 

Seared albacore that's marinated with ponzu sauce and garlic. This isn't a good one to end with.

Nasu gyoza. This tastes amazing. Yeah, it's deep fried, but they created a pretty tasty dish.

Yuzu. In Torrance, this is a great spot to check out. Simple, my lunch was 13.50. That's tongue! Tofu, eggplant, mountain yam, soup, daikon, and rice. High end style and great. I'll be back. Dinner is more expensive, so stick to the lunch. It's well done Japanese food.

That's Yuzu's hamburg steak. This is looking good. I don't always know why Japanese places give you shredded cabbage with no dressing. Notice the thumbs up?

Honey, lemon, and rosemary sauced salmon. Yeah I made this, and I ever cross hatched the grill marks. I got the recipe from Saveur magazine.

Back to one of the best spots. Wakasan in West LA. Tough to beat sometimes. That's David Horvath, who's in town visiting. A good friend, it's nice to catch up with him. 

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