Shepard Fairey

When Shepard Fairey met Obama, he showed him the now infamous design that you see on the poster. Obama said something to the effect of, "I like that image, how did you spread it so fast?" That's a great first question back. He could have said, can I have a poster? But instead I'd like to think Obama understood that the image was powerful and out there en masse much like an Obey sticker, and realized the power behind "street art", youth, and a true indie/punk rock grassroots movement using the power of blogs. Think Obama's competition knows this?

Meeting up with Shepard always bums me out since he makes me feel dwarfed. What did I do to deserve that today? 

We're the same age, and I remember his work from the day we started out. We've been through some of the same lumps, and he's at year 19! For some reason, he reminds me of Yoshitomo Nara. It's their face, their laugh, and musical tastes.

Shep's always complimentary about GR since it's a mag he reads. He even said a big part of his world ends with GR and Juxtapoz. It's great to see him rock at his own studio/gallery/meeting place in Echo Park. 

Guess what he likes to drink?