gr/eats lunch with Monkmus

That's Monkmus, a director, drawer, animator, who joined up at lunch time today at gr/eats. It's a nice warm day today, and a friday which makes a lot of people happy, but in the end, it's like another day for me at GR. Saturday is almost like a monday or a tuesday. A Sunday... well, that's like a wed or a friday. Monday is just like a tuesday, which is like a wednesday and thursday and a Saturday. I'm not making much sense, but you get the idea. Like in a Debby Deb lyric (or the opposite): Weekends are not made for fun.

Meanwhile gr/eats keeps rockin' serious. That's the okra rolls above. 

Tofu meat balls.

Tofu meal ball "oyako" donburi. Of course oyako means parent and kid, which is like chicken and an egg, but this is tofu ball and egg. Hmm, can they be related?

1/2 paella. Yes, this was good.

That's the middle of the tofu ball.