Tofu Villa Sawtelle

I'm excited. Usually, you have to go to Koreatown to get good soontofu. But now on Sawtelle, next to Beard Papa is Tofu Villa. At the spot of a past boba shop, this place is the first on the westside that I think actually rocks. I can't exactly say it's better than my favorite K-Town spots, but this isn't bad at all. Bad soontofu usually is watery with chunks of tofu floating about, but this one is just right.

They start you off with tofu in another form. Cold with a sesame sauce.

Then the banchan shows up. From left to right and top to down: Fried tofu, jopchae, dried seaweed, kimchee, broccoli with tofu curd, a sauce, I realize I dunno what that was for. Squid. Potato salad, and oi kimchee.

I forgot to shoot this when it first came. I order it mild, so you don't get that intense red color. If you're a fan of soontofu, I think this will do the trick. Of course, they have pibimbap, BBQ meats, and it advertises that they open until midnight, and on the weekends 2am! But keep in mind, that'll change as they realize people won't be there that late. Tonight they said they close at 10:30pm instead of midnight. 

Tofu Villa 2130 Sawtelle 112a, WLA, CA 90025