La Isla Bonita

No one beats this truck. It's parked on Rose, between 4th and 5th. Everyday but thursday, not at night. Everything is good, although I don't care that much for the shrimp tostada. But everything else, is perfection. Ceviche, mixtas (which is a ceviche with a ton of seafood on top), cocktail camarones or try the everything - campechana. The tacos are great too. There's no wrong at this truck. I've been eating there since 1989. No lie. The two chicas are eating the ceviche, which are incredible. You can order, eat and order more and eat, and they'll run a tab for you. It's a chill environment. I always leave a tip. They're great folks.

That's Tony, he was showing off the new side of the truck. Little clay fishes that were made by his friend. We asked what that curl thing is. See it on the edge of the photo above, and on the left side on the photo below? He said that's the whirlpool that happens when the fish swim in circles. It looks like a cinnamon roll. Say hi to Tony. He's the nicest guy around.