cooking lesson time - Mahi Mahi, Brussels sprouts and onion

I'm not the best cook. No, not even close to being decent. I enjoy it though, and I happily eat my own meals. I cook for one almost all of the time, so I don't have critics, but the few times, people have eaten my cooking, they seemed to like it. The above is the final product. It's Mahi Mahi. It's simple. Here's what I do. Maybe you do it different. I put a tiny bit of oil on a plate. I flop the fish around it, then I add salt and pepper, thyme, and the mystery ingredient. Furikake. It's flakey seasoning grannies put on their rice. I grew up with it and I saw a recipe for Hawaiian cooking where they put it on chicken. So I figure why not on my fish. 

It looks like this when it gets going. Don't over cook it, I put it on medium heat, and once a side gets brown, I turn it over. It'll keep cooking even off the pan, so take it off a hair early. 

Brussels sprouts rock. I used to hate them, but they're pretty good done this way. Chop em finer. I saw pizza with thin brussels sprouts on them, and that's when I realized that cooking them this way will make the difference.

Onions. Cook them just right and they're good as is.