Cinevegas - Hi My Name is Ryan documentary

Hi My Name is Ryan is a funny documentary about a kid named Ryan Avery who current at 22 is on a Mormon Mission, but the film is about his musical career which is about punk rock, performance, art, poetry, and theater. He's a chubby angelic kid who's efforts have done more in a naive way for the underground of Phoenix, Arizona. The film is decently put together, you get the drama of his life, the fact that he has a so so relationship with his parents, a childish lifestyle, getting made fun of at school, and being the odd guy out. In some ways, a lot of us can relate, and it's great to see how this kid makes it work for him. It's amazing at 22, he can have a documentary about his life. He gets off of his Mormon mission in 2 months, perhaps we'll hear more about him. The only bad, is at times, I felt like the film dragged, perhaps it was 10 minutes too long, but at 78 minutes, that's the shortest it can be. It's a great effort.

That's what a Q and A looks like

This is a buffet plate at The Palms. Ham, Chicken, Beef, crab leg, pineapple, cookie, strawberries, collard greens, Lebanese rice, cantalope. I also ate a salad and had coffee and a tiny desert. Oh and roast beef too. 

This is what the hotel looks like. It's like Spring Break. Lake Havasu. Plenty of leg, ass, chest, cat calling, staring, beach balls, beer, "yeah brah", ho's, and I won't go outside again.