Food, Chicken Soup from Tacos Por Favor and salmon burger from The Counter

Chicken Soup and Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica. I really wanted the Pozole, and I forgot what it was called. I thought Chicken Soup was the same thing, but no. I ended up getting a tasty soup with plenty of chicken, and a decent broth. I'm not sure if you dig simple chicken soup, but this one wasn't bad at all. It does look like something you can easily make yourself, doesn't it? Maybe it is.

This looks terrible. But it's not. It's from one of the best burger in LA places, The Counter, which is actually in Santa Monica. That's salmon, with bean sprouts, and it came with a mint sauce similar to what you get at Indian restaurants. This was amazing. Because I took it to go, it sort of went haywire. If you order it there, it would look great. Pictures can deceive especially with food photos.