Mongol Screening at Pacific design center

"Hello Angels." That's what I thought when these three rolled up. But I didn't hear the "Hi Eric" response. Janet Yang, no relation to Margaret Yang from Rushmore, Kelly Hu, no relation to the late King Hu (look him up if you don't know who he is), and Lisa Ling. They showed up to see the Picturehouse / Giant Robot - Mongol screening, the film starring Tadanobu Asano, which is quite rad. Imagine, a Japanese actor on the culty side getting cast to star in this epic movie about Genghis Khan done by a Russian Director and actually done in Mongolese! He was great, and was the perfect person for the role. It was sort of hard to believe he did this project. It seems almost too good to be true.

That's the Donutman, Jim on the right. I heard he eats 4 donuts a day. (Yes he gets high on his own supply) I couldn't believe he came. It was nice to see him. Donutman, the best in the business.

Back to the film, imagine the epic nature of what this film has to be like. The history, the time span, the stories, it's a tough one all together. It's over two hours, but imagine... this is the first of a trilogy!

Beau Sia is deep. He walked up and said conversation got slow, and got a mag and went back in. He's a nice guy. I wanted to hear his voice break the sound barrier like it can.

Whoa Margaux in the house. She does the ads in GR. They got glowing smiles.

That's me, and filmmakers Ham Tran, and Stephane Gauger. Those two are probably 25% of the box office sales in all of Vietnam. Stephane is a tower. Ham isn't, but he caught one of the shirts I threw into the audience.

Funny shot - Imagine the owner of the restaurant got mad because of the extra side of meat. Every time she came to the table to speak Vietnamese to the dudes because she was mad, and the order wasn't right, and so on, Cate would duck her head into the bowl and eat like it was the greatest pho she ever had. She should act. We went to PHO 4000 on Western. I'd suggest it.