Very Clever Dinner

I'm not sure which is the best sentence to start with: 1) "The Donger need food" - yes, we were hungry, or 2) "I could hear your tongue." Hearing a tongue? I kid you not, the dude can hear tongues. I've tried to visit on a weekend, and it was too packed to get in. Wakasan on Westwood Blvd is a good spot that people don't get to often. It features chef choice or "omakase". It's $35 for a 12 or 13 course meal. I can't remember how many. Honestly. I thought he said 13, which may have included the ice cream. But my photos don't show all 13. The food is pretty good on the whole. There wasn't one thing I didn't like, and in another space, this meal would probably cost more. Take a look for yourself, actually try it yourself. I'd rate this about an 8.5.

1-3. A spinach salad on left - which was great, eggplant up top - I dig eggplant and these are pickled, and glass noodle salad on right.

4. That gourd is pickled like ume. The fish was really good. I forgot what kind now, but it's good.

This is tongue, which is different than Lisa's above. This isn't part of the deal. It's separate. They have a side menu which you can order from with a minimum of $20 if you're only ordering from it.

5. Sashimi. Yellow tail, seared tuna, and scallop - very good.

6. Crab legs. They're already broken and it's good when you dip it into the light sauce.

7. Skate wing. Tasty.

8. Dumplings. Maybe the weak link. It's meaty and good, but it's fried dumplings.

9. Chawan mushi. This was done well.

10 - 11. A fancy miso soup and a seasoned tuna bowl. Both winners, but I was full.

Lastly, no ice cream, and I swear I must have forgotten to shoot one item. I don't recall what it was, maybe it was renkon. I think... This was a pretty solid call. Wakasan 1929 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 446-5241