Gruyere Cheese Fart Smell

Friday, I ate at Sawtelle Kitchen. First time in years since their remodel. Sawtelle Kitchen is the restaurant that I would go to once in a while, since it's across the street from GR1. The issue I have is that the owner closed up and evicted my aunt's shop Get Wicked. The owner is known as a jerk, but I don't really know him. Maybe he's swell, who knows. The funny thing about the meal was that Gruyere cheese is served on the penne pasta. If you order it, you're in for a surprise. The entire restaurant will waft of wretched fart. Here's what went down.

I noticed the fart smell and ignored it. Martin the vegetarian and getting lactose intolerant was sitting on my right. I figured a tiny peep came out. Kidding, but I did whisper and ask him about the shit smell. He thought it was the cheese. Daniel sitting across said he was outside on the phone and smelled it shooting out of the door. Bad plumbing? No, he sat, and caught on to my private question to Martin, since who knew maybe it was Dan or better yet, Elaine sitting next to him. I do have some tact. We got vocal about it and talked about it for a bit. A kid at another table noticed it to and was sure it was fart.

Meanwhile, the waitress came by and I asked about the fart smell. She laughed and explained it all. Melted Gruyere. The fella sitting next to us peeked over, it was his penne and he knew what we were talking about. We figured maybe he didn't know that it was his own since he was shoveling the food into his pie hole. Then soon left.

Ten minutes later, another table 15 feet away got one too. The fart smell came back and we then watched to see what the reactions were from the guy who got the dish. He sat across from two ladies and was quick to blame the dish. I saw him lift the plate and let his female guests smell it close up. He could have sent it back leaving him with no food while the ladies had their dishes. Then it would get awkward. he looked around with a little bit or embarrassment. He knew that his dish reeked of smelly gas. He had to man up and eat it.