XinJiang Uighur restaurant

Eating food from the Xinjiang region is interesting. It's far in middle north, it's Muslim, and the folks there look part everything all in one. Turkish, Chinese, you name it, they're mixed. The food is tasty. It's lamb time. On skewers, you can actually just pick some up on the street in front of the restaurant. It's done well, and it's tasty. The lamb that's minced with vegetables make for great burrito like bites. That's highly suggested. More than the food is the funny atmosphere. The folks working there break into song on the stage via karaoke type machine and keyboards. A few new friends from W+K in Shanghai joined up.

This is the eggplant. It's lightly breaded, and tastes amazing. I haven't had eggplant like this before, and it tastes light and good. 

Watch this video, I think it may make some of you trip out. I got more than I bargained for.

1 Shaanxi South Road, near Yan'an Zhong Road, Shanghai