Issimo Restaurant Shanghai

The restaurant within JIA hotel in Shanghai where I'm staying features a restaurant that's highly recommended. It's called Issimo. It's Italian, which is odd choice of food, considering, I'm far from home in Asia, but this place doesn't disappoint. First off, it was filled, and you're supposed to reserve ahead of time. Being a last second person, it was a "kitchen" seat which is basically a front row to the kitchen counter seat. 

The simple salad is actually really nice. You can crush salt and pepper and you can do your own dressing. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Bruschetta is always a winner. It's simple, bread, some tomatoes, but this one features the white part. The fat off of pork, which works almost like cheese. It's super thin, and I'd guess a lot wouldn't know it was fat, they'd think it's cheese.

Grilled vegetables on a skewer with cheese on top. I don't eat dairy products, so I opted to not have any on it. But in the end, cheese and pork fat, are just about the same, except the pork fat won't make me sick.

You order pasta for two. I guess you can get a single portion, at more than half the price of the normal portion which is priced for two. 

Simple and good. 

931 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Telephone: (86-21) 6287 9009