Flavor Flav Under One Roof

Flavor Flav. I can't believe I used to be a fan of this guy in 1988. Public Enemy was the best group around. It was hiphop with a message, and you couldn't not listen to them. They were fighting the man with music, and creating an effort to bring up people's education and consciousness of unjust issues around the world. The music threw down energy, but food for thought. Chuck D was the man, and he's gone on to who knows what, including a radio show which is now gone. That didn't impress, but he's still the man. But the sidekick, Flavor Flav was amazing. He was this clown like character who wore weird clocks and always had crazy glasses and hair. Basically, he was a weird crackhead type of guy back in the day, but he had talent. The entire time he was in the group, people wondered if he'd do a solo album where he'd go off in his weird style. He'd have a few songs that were solo, and they were always nutty and weird, but a solo album never happened.

Now he has this show, and even the funny intro rap is sort of like Fresh Prince type stuff. Is he another casualty of the industry? I know he's making his money which is great, he's probably needing it, and probably didn't keep what he had from his PE days. His edge is now gone. Any solo album now will probably be cheesy, but his Q rating is going up for sure. 

Here's when he was a bad ass.