Yvonne Lau, a professor at DePaul University invited me to appear on her show, ConversAsian that shows in Illinois. Before you mess with it's name, know that it's been around for years. It's fairly free form, it's Yvonne and a subject sitting across from each other in a simple room. It's what you've seen on cable access, but this one focuses on Asian Americans. Rare actually, isn't it? I made it through two segments easily, each being 28 minutes. There's no editing, so if you decide to melt down, you can't take it back.

This is what the control board looks like. I'm sure it's not brand new, but it works. We talked about the beginnings of GR, where it's been, where it's going, Asian America, and what I think about it all. It's fun to be able to air out your mind, especially when I've been thinking about things for a while. 

After the interview, Yvonne thanked me and said it was inspiring. If you see the broadcast, give me a shout.