Ny Kaiju Toy Tokyo

Toy Tokyo does it weird sometimes, but overall, they're hustling and pushing the kaiju. It's streetwear mixed with toys, if that makes any sense. But it's working for them. I'm not sure kaiju fits, but if it's not, they're making it fit. So here's more pics from the exhibition. It's neat to see toys get front and center attention. It's not the first time, but maybe it needs to happen more.

The Lord!

She likes head.

Koji Harmon paints kaiju 

Kiyoka Ikeda sculpts and paints well himself.

Le Merde

I know some of you toy folks are saying you'd hit this.

This is a great collection of Real Head dolls. I wish I had a collection that looked like this.

Whoa, this is a diorama of strangeness