Yukinori Dehara and David Horvath are like brothers from different mothers. That rhymes and it sounds funny, but in this case, it's true. David is Dehara's biggest fan, and it's great to have them together at GR2 in person. It's pretty much a super star exhibition, and sad to say, I have to leave to NYC. I'll miss the opening, but I did check out the hanging of the work. I'll put up from pics on flickr. 

We have a no line up rule and instead and planning to raffle off tickets to be able to purchase what we think will be the hot item... the handmade plushes. With a new baby, the handmades are at a slow point, they're hard to make, and hard to get. 

That's us in the early part of the day. If I did art, I'd be holding it. Instead I'm repping gr 53. David has a box of dried mentaiko powder, Dehara rocks the handmade two faced Wedgehead.