Panayiotis Terzis and Ray Sohn

This came in the mail. Amazing work. The print above has a bunch of colors, it's designed with a lot of care, has that indie comic book, and a silkscreen style that feels like the Ft Thunder Paper Rad style. I'm not sure if it's all by a collective or not, but I do know the efforts of many are in the publications below. Critical Citadel is in a larger edition, it's nicely produced, and the cover text is a fun illusion that reminds me of something John Pham would do. Panayiotis and Ray.

This is by Panayiotis Terzis & Raymond Sohn. It's in edition of 100 and it's silkscreen printed in tons of colors, it's also black and white. This might be one of the nicer pieces to come through.