Golden Triangle Burmese in Whittier

Burmese food. The next frontier. Know any Burmese people? I'm sure you can't say you do. Recently watching Rambo 4, and seeing Stallone decimate an entire pack of Burmese soldiers in crude horrific form, made my hungry. What sounds like a messed up country if you do any reading, especially with the victor of an election, Aung San Suu Kyi, who should have been prime minister but instead the military stuck around in power. Pretty much sucks eh? Read the link on her name. This is pretty screwed up, and that makes it no wonder why Stallone chose to fuck with Burma. It's a country no one seems to care about, the military in power seem like dicks, and will they ever fight back? Will anyone stick up for them that you'll hear about? No. So with all this in mind, I made a trek to Whittier to try the Golden Triangle. I used to think that a Golden Triangle was a somosa or a won-ton, but no, it's pretty important. It's where opium is grown! Read the wiki. Also if you haven't seen the flick, see Protege, the film that our friend and fellow blogger Daniel Wu stars in.

So a restaurant name based on the region of opium production. Had to try it since I've heard nothing but good things about it.

That's fishcake, onion, and tomato curry. If you aren't sure what's Burmese vs Thai on this menu, many say (Burmese) next to it. *hint hint. The rice on the right looks like white rice, but it's not that simple, it's coconut white rice. It tastes great alone. The curry is great too, and has a juicy vibe.

This is a soup stew like item. It's Catfish "chowder." You put the noodles, egg, and assorted "stuff" into a bowl, and you ladle the soup like stew over it. The proprietor walked by and noticed my bowl and said that I should put more on top. I might try something different next time instead of this dish. It wasn't bad at all, but this one is the weakest of the three.

The winner. Ginger salad. Everyone says this is great, and yes it is. It's potent in smell. I think it's fish sauce that gives it a kicker. You might not want to get near people after, it'll make your breathe rock. But this is a must. Most dishes are in the $8 range.

Read about them in Yelp and it's a place that my homey with a palate, LA Weekly writer, Jonathan Gold likes to frequent. One last thing, I notice that Stallone didn't stop and eat once in the film, and if he tried the Burmese food, I'm sure he would have slowed down the hate, ate a little, and had a better time liberating people.

Isn't that right, Ms Lieu?

7011 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier, CA 90602
(562) 945-6778