David Choe in London

The postcard will be an ebay hit. It's a bit dirty, but Dave's hands were black from paint. His show is this thursday at the Lazarides gallery. Dave's the man, I've been hearing he's sold a lot of the show already. He's rich! Tell him to give you money. The collectors are rolling in. He's also having a show at the same time at the same gallery but in their Newcastle area. London is a powerful economy. It's hard to believe and understand how it all works at first glance.

Dave on the street. I walked for hours and then lo and behold, I ran into him by luck. This art on the street is worth some dollars if you can excavate it from the wall.

Dave's pretty happy his closest friends are all here for him.

That's Paul, Dave's brother. We ate at a Moroccan place. It was pretty good and it's probably the place we'll be at when we're near the gallery in Soho.