JANM sketchbook

The coolest thing about the show, which I went to again today to speak to a large group is the sketchbook at the end. There's a book with press which I never noticed, but then at the back of it, is blank pages to write and draw. I took a few pics of them. It's pretty awesome how kids can be so creative on the fly. I don't think I could just bust out a six legged, big eyed character who speaks in alienese. AWsome! AW. I like this Eliseo Gonzalez.

I swear, I'll keep it up. Thanks! I'm sure the museum will do their best too.

Today's talk was with a mix of museum folks, great volunteers, some staffers, ex-curator, and tons of folks who looked like they drove up just to be there. It was a stunning turn out, and I feel at home at the museum. Age range was from elder to younger, and I thought it was important to put people on the same page to know who I am, what I'm into, what the show is about, what GR is, and the fact that I'm a "local" product. I thought it was funny, when museum man, Clement, announced that we donated all 50 issues to the museum. I heard a gasp, like "whoa". Without knowing me, I think they got a good idea of who I am, and what the art means, and why it's important. Although the museum broke records, got more press, bla bla bla, it's still their help that makes the ship run, since I dare not be there every day. We have to be on the same page.

This is a weird one, it's like an anteater dinosaur with a weird growth coming out of it's nose area. The "love it!" is definitely by someone else, but the pic below is amazing.

The butt farter... I like this one for a few reasons. Farting is #1. Enough said. I think. But whoever drew this, I think drew the one that's in the back of GR2. In the "map" of the shop, there's a very similar drawing. I think it's David Magdaleno who did this one as well.

In the end, I think the art works in different ways for different people. Some of it is just cute, there's no other way to put it. Some of the others might be more cerebral. It's great that it's all under one roof. (I sure sound positive today. What's wrong with me?)