Biennale thurs night all night

Putting up Saelee Oh work, that's really amazing, Clement is the man. In the end, they use the same ass techniques we'd use to put up art. It's just elbow grease, a level, and a ruler. Nothing more. But where's his gloves, this is a museum isn't it? And is that a half eaten cookie on the ground I see? The museum galleries can't have food, it's a serious place. Make sure you all remember that.

Base for your face, LA.

Eishi the Genius
He assessed some of his older work, and said it's not that good, and he needs to re do it all.

But starting off the night was a moderately ok softball game. We lost, but hey it was Martin's birthday. Pie from Bill via Marie Callendar's. Photos at the softball field never look good.