Souther Salazar Make it Real opening

Giant Robot 2 Opening saturday night. It's getting nuts in LA, tons of art show openings all over the place. You name it, there's probably an art show there. People are having art shows in spots where there's no space for an art show. It's just getting nuts. What can we do, but hopefully provide a decent space for a person? Maybe our reputation complete with a magazine, and being one of the first helps us a lot. Maybe not. Either way, having a great friend Souther Salazar show is an honor. I'm proud of him all around. Above, that's Souther with Christian Clayton, the other half of the Clayton Bros. They're rad.

I posted some pics and more comments, etc. at Hypebeast.
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Dan and Kozy have a Janette Sandwich. The sawhorses is now a rollercoaster. I knew these sawhorses would be useful. You should get some. They're called Burro brand.

Wake up Souther!

Whoa, Mr Canseco and Nelson stop by. I'm glad these dudes can stop by and check out the art show. gr/eats in the house. Nelson sports a Fila jacket and a New Era LA cap. Mr Canseco, classic GR cap.

Souther's fan range, these folks bought a piece from him a while ago. They were on the fence for this show. Yes, you do need living room space to make it happen.

Pikapika! Yes, they didn't paint with light, but it's cool they came though.