Mr Romanelli

Doctor (DRx) to most of you. This man does a lot. From client work to his own work, the stuff you see or don't see spans all over the world. His dog, the one pictures hates people who wear black sneakers. Guess what color mine were. They are beat up, and he did take a weird look at them, and kept his nose close to them. Look at his eyes in the pic, I know the dog likes me, but he's weary of my shoes. Back to DRx, his jackets are nuts, patch worked together into a single product. Track jackets, leather, military, and more. It's true artistry.

He also does stuff like this. Bugs with the DRx scissors? How does he get these hegemonic companies like WB and Disney to do projects like this? That's not really the point, the point is he does them.