GR $ Scion pt 2

The night was decent. People actually came out, the space looked good, the people looked good, I appreciated the ladies who took the time out to dress nicely. Much appreciated! It brought some class to the event. I wore my old t shirt.

Look at the crowd. Decent and great. I can't ask for much more, it was one of those nights that makes me proud to be part of GR. This show's for you and us.

DJ Will on the wheels of metal. He rocks, and got on the mic and pushed GR nicely. He was just as important as anyone else who helped. His sounds made the night feel good. I remember he played Bad Brains at the beginning to set the tone for the night. Dragonforce made it in too.

The group shot... we made a sweep of the event, from the back to the front, picking off each artist one by one as we went. If we didn't, they wouldn't have made it all together. Yeah, our shot is funny, but there were 4 or 5 cameras flicking away. Kohei Yamashita's on the right with the numero uno. Martin's next to him, and he too helped a bunch, from taking Brian Ralph skating, and French to Thai massage, to helping B Ralph get new frames since they were all broken. It's all smiles.

Ahem. David Choe hits pay dirt. Some people know how to pose just right. I think he just met her, or did he? I have no idea. But she didn't hesitate to shift perpendicular (Y) to David's X axis intersecting at his hip. Tilting her head at a similar axis to the moon's rotation around Earth (David's head), she has a look of professionalism.

That's Kathleen Lolley, she has a solo coming up at GRNY. She was in town for her group show at Lab101.

Andy Kehoe was in town too for the same event. I like Andy, and it seems like I know him already, even though I've barely met him. Maybe it's a past life thing.

After, we went to the bunker in K town, with two big groups, and it was late. It was time to say our good byes... The show was ending, and we were shaking hands, giving high fives, hugs, and none of us wanted to go home.

Kohei gets air. Big time.