I got filmed talking about "toy" cameras. Lomos precisely. It's supposed to be a light news piece that'll go to 10 stations in 10 cities at some point. Sort of neat how these little stories are done for slow news days. What did I say? Maybe you can tell me if you ever see it. I don't think it's coming out in my town, but I do remember hearing Baltimore as one place.

If you want to know what Small Michelle looks like, she doesn't have to turn around.

Snotion! Down. Andy Jenkins for a week is next. I hope you come and check his works out. He's been doing Bend Press, skateboard "stuff", and much more for ages. Now... his toy.

Last thing I might say about the school shootings... The only thing I want to do is wait for the best facts possible. The videos and photos that the killer sent in are crazy. Imagine, this guy decided he was going to leave a mark on the world by committing a crime. He even left behind weird religious ramblings, and crazy photos that make him look like one of the most evil persons in the world. Will you forget this dude's poses with the guns? His face and his voice? This guy is a nut, and he carried out whatever he was setting out to do probably to his satisfaction. The news and the coverage gave him probably gave him exactly what he wanted. The fools who are getting interviewed are pathetic. They grieve and some act like they're experts, after the fact. Maybe this just needs to be over quicker.