Sawtelle - where we're at today

Tokyo Garment Outlet - nice sign eh?

So here's an update. That's Yamaguchi. Did you know we (GR) tried to buy this spot? It's a large spot, and even includes the lot behind it. I didn't really talk about this much, since it's private, but now, since it's what it is, I'll tell you a little about it.

This space was for sale. It was a high number. So high, we went hunting all over for funds. We were set to go. We even met the asking price and with my long time association with the area, and as a customer of the space since I was a child, I thought we had a good shot. Also the idea was to restore the space, make it better, and continue the legacy of what it is... A cornerstone for the street.

So that's a short version of our side of it. From what we understand, here's what happened. We met the price, but they got a bid a bit higher, we matched it, now we're over the asking price, then another bidder came with it too. It's cool to not win and get the space, but the main concerns...

Will the new tenant have a commitment to the area with the space? Does everyone want to see this turn into lofts or condos? Today it's a crapy store. People talk about it with disdain, and of course everyone is too polite to come out and write or say anything. The spot looks like a skeleton of it's old self, and it brings down the neighborhood a couple of steps. It's frankly embarrassing and again, it just shows what greed can do.