I saw a couple of more films. American Zombie and Ang Pamana. We deliberated soon after. We talked for a while, came up with a winner and then some. It's fun doing this and I can't announce anything here, sorry. But the experience of talking with Jacqueline and Chris Lee and seeing their opinions from their backgrounds is quite great. They definitely see things from different perspectives and they're smart about film. Sometimes, I think that's where you can actually learn something, from listening to people's opinions who you may never cross in your daily lives. In my case, this was one of those situations. A Hollywood producer who probably rolls hard and deep, and Jacqueline Kim who's acted in Brokedown Palace to many indies, to TV including Star Trek, and now is making her own.

Here we are in the office. We sat and talked maybe an hour. It brought great closure to the 12 films we watched. Eventually, maybe I'll do some capsule reviews on the films.

I'll upload some other photos and tomorrow night is SCRABBEL.