SFIAAFF Day 5 photos

Saw two films, American Pastime, a Japanese American concentration camp experience film centering around baseball. The showing was a special school showing, so there were tons of kids in the film. Then Baby, a film about gang life in Southern California. Then The Trouble With Romance which features the director who made a short film called Quest for Length featuring Roger Fan (from BLT). Sorry, I'm getting lazy with the links, but I'm not even sure if any of you care. Again, no opinions here. Yet. The first photo was a screening room. Not a pretty one, but it was one. That's Chris Lee on the right, he produced Superman. He's also a judge. What do producers do anyway?

If you flick thru the pics... you'll see. Again, Vietnamese food, this time I got to Bodega Bistro on Larkin and Eddy and ate kick ass lettuce wraps with pork, then went to Lee's - you know what that's all about. Sammiches... Saw Oreska and 50 Kaitenz, bands from Japan who were on tour from South x Southwest. Both gave up inspiring shows that got fans excited. The last photos are folks I sat with outside of a bar. Tomorrow is the deliberation day, but I have two films before that too.