Next week is the San Francisco International Asian American Film fest.

I'll be there as a judge. 12 films in a few days. I can handle it. Also there's an art show at Giant Robot SF. I'll be there too, I hope!

Here's an article about the film fest. Somewhere in there, I'm mentioned along with my cousin for a project I made in nearly a past life. Sunsets. Even thought this article is printed in Asian Week, I can tell they read through this one to make sure it was clean. Back to that controversy, I understand them firing the guy who wrote it, but what about the editor? That's the real culprit isn't it? I still don't understand this one.

Here's a rough heirarchy:

Publisher - This dude is out to lunch. He probably doesn't read a thing. He's busy checking up on his stores. Yeah, that's what he does.

Editor in Chief - This person reads every article, he or she reads the headlines too. "Why I hate Blacks" That's one to just let slip by. Sure. Why not? It'll be controversial. Yeah cool. No skin of my ass, I didn't write it.

Managing Editor - I missed the article. Where was it? Oh, it wasn't on my desk. What? It was uploaded on the server? I didn't see it? It's not my fault.

Associate Editor - What the fuck? I work 80 hours a week for peanuts. They should have listened to me.

Writer - I just wrote the shit. Fuck em all, I always say. You guys aren't getting it.

Who's to blame that the article went into print? Go up the chain folks. When it's a mistake, we take the blame. Think Mr. T "When there's a gun, I take the bullet, when there's a knife, I take the blade."