teany nyc

The Lower East Side has it's ups and down. teany is the most welcome spot to visit every time I'm in NYC. Walking down the sidewalks with snow piles from the light snow, it's chilly. People are still walking up and down the streets, and on Rivington, it's part cool, and part nameless. Walking up to the plainish facade of teany, you walk in and are met with a parade of cakes. They're hefty, and are all vegan. teany was once owned by moby and his girlfriend (we heard they sold the place... are they still a couple?).

You sit down at one of the small tables, and around you are couples and friends and small tea candles. The menu comes and it's a thick book filled with about 100 teas, some black, green, and even white. They tell you about each of the teas, so you know exactly what you're getting. The folks working there are friendly and cool. We tried cakes. The lemon lime is a nice. A green cake! It's tasty, nice and different. There's just a hint of sourness, but overall it's a tasty cake. The strawberry shortcake is an old school winner. I usually hate frosting, but these are just right. Maybe it's the lack of dairy. They're decadent. My tea was a simple green tea, you can't go wrong with the nice pot of water and the baggie of tea.

Check out the bathroom, there's animal adoption photos on the wall. This place is cute and cool. It's all in the details.

90 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002