Products for GR

I've been working in a cubby hole ordering products for the GR stores. Nothing too exciting to report from the GR front except GR46 is rolling out. The best part about ordering products is that I'm looking through thousands of pages of catalogs. Each page is an amalgamation of 1000s of hours of work, whether it's designing and manufacturing a product from a desktop in the USA to a factory in China, or research and writing of pages to put together a book. Maybe for a t-shirt it's a lot less effort, but at some point in the past, someone had to figure it all out, and the software was definitely a 1000+ hour job... learning it, perhaps the same. And I flip right through the pages knowing in an instant if something will work or not for our stores. Sometimes, it's an entire catalog of 100s of books and not one is something I want to stock. It's 100 books x 1000 hrs = 100,000 hrs of work, and that's conservative. I'm sure books take much longer, and all that effort gets pushed aside by me, sitting at a table with a catalog. That's how it works.