Pho Hanh Restaurant

Those leaves of basil and bean sprouts...

Plastic menus that are dirty and spiral bound.

Bun with tofu and meat.

Special pho with weird fuzzy meat parts. The broth was pretty good, and with some lime, this medium size bowl of pho was filling and great. I added a couple of jalapenos and it was about $5.50. I killed it. The bigger size is an additional quarter. The fresh lemonade makes a great compliment. Wtf!

at lunch this place fills up with all kinds of people. It's one of those spots that you go in to get a cheap meal. It's a standard and I hear it's less authentic compared to other Vietnamese places, but I saw a lot of Vietnamese folks scarfing away, so it's all good.

Pho Hanh
881 E Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 599-5305