JABA the Hutt

"Weak minded fool! He's using Jedi Mind Tricks on you!" -JTH

Being asked to be on a panel discussion for the Japan American Business Association with UCLA, along with Tofu records Yaz, dude from Tokyopop (they do kick ass), and Ko who's working in film and does the Chanoma film festival, I didn't know what to expect. Tech difficulties, and running behind schedule, what are you gonna do, but roll with it. The event went on, I explained what I could to some -maybe- skeptical folks who just needed more information and clarification, I think it went decent. But that's just one part. Going downstairs to the reception which I expected cheese and crackers, there was dinner! It was school catered, but not terrible. Rice, salmon, spring rolls, cookies, dessert, drinks, and the big thing was I picked the raffle ticket for the trip to Japan! I had no idea that was going on, and the winner was a member of the UCLA Japanese Anime Club! She gets to go to Japan! She was trembling and has never won a thing in her life. A good deed JABA!