Galco's Old World Grocery

Sculpey Kids studios is near Galco's, the crazy soda shop which carries almost every tiny micro brew soda around the world. The shop is old and it's great that he changed the shop around to make things work. The small markets are pretty much going away with Trader Joe's, Ralph's, etc etc...

Check out those doors!

There's aisles of soda, some are in their boxes waiting for you to pick some up. The aisles and linoleum floor are old school.

On the left is Delaware punch, now called Pennsylvania punch. I used to drink Delaware Punch as a kid. It was one of my favorites. Hawaiian punch was too powerful compared. Bubble up is on top, and Quench is on the right.

That's John, he lost 60lbs and he still drinks soda. This man knows everything about soda and is always featured in anything soda. Galco's is one of those places that you have to see if you live in LA.