By gr on 2007-01-20

Ok this post is dumb, but since it's happening again...

Here's who people say I look like. I'll run down each one.

Richard Gere. I had this a few times in the late 80s early 90s. Then I had it more recently. There was a time when people said Richard Gere looked half Japanese, and maybe that's part of it.

Keanu Reeves. I've had this one a few times. Twice in a week once. This was in the later 90s.

David Arquette. I've had this the most, from 2000 and on, since that's when this dude "made it." I hear it's the goofy smile that makes any similarity happen. I've had this maybe 8 times.

Jason Dohring. I don't know anything this guy, but he's in some show I never watch. Veronica Mars. I had this one yesterday.

Johnny Carson. Way back, in elementary school, I was told that I looked like Johnny Carson, so much that for a little while, my nickname was "Carson."