By gr on 2007-01-20

Rochom P'ngieng
Lost in the jungle or maybe happily doing her thing in the jungle, this is the half animal woman. She's a miracle she survived the many years in a jungle with no family, no nothing. She's been lost for almost 2 decades, speaks no language, and
"She's weird. She sleeps during the day and stays up at night." Image and quote taken from Fox News. Story links here.

The weird thing is look at that hand holding the wrist. I see a lot of strain in it. The half animal part might have been thrashing around a lot, but overall, she looks normal. Hope she learns to speak soon, so she can tell her story. Hollywood agents? A future film for you. Reference Rae Dawn Chong in Quest for Fire and Tom Hanks in Castaway. She was found naked, so definitely use Jessica Alba to play the role. The policeman dad will help in the dramatic element, especially with flashbacks. Erik Estrada for sure, but he's gotta slim down. Add a best friend in the jungle, say James Franco. Things are getting Blue Lagoon in this film depiction. Hope they make it, and give
Rochom P'ngieng the red carpet treatment and a lot of cash.