By gr on 2007-01-16

Cobwebs on my car

It sat dormant for a year

It started easy but had no brakes

A tire print was left

This was my car from 1991-yesterday. No first gear, no brakes, and tons of "nickel and dime" problems which in BMW-land means quite an expense. It might blue book for a few thousand dollars if it's in clean condition, but this one has a couple of thousand dollars worth of repair. My mother urged me to get it removed for the last year, I finally did. In the meanwhile, I had come up with excuse after excuse:

1) It was a decoy, so thieves would think I was home 24-7, which I almost am.
2) It was like a storage unit, yes I did store junk in the trunk.
3) Someone I know is going to come and buy it!
4) I'm going to fix it!

Why was it hard to let go? The odometer read 118,000 miles, which isn't too much and the engine's half way decent. The car served me well. But alas, it was too large of a project for me. It hasn't started in well over a year, but with a quick charge, it started up fine. I hope whoever gets it in auction, brings it back to life. I was actually a little sad to see it go out like a neglected aquarium.