By gr on 2007-01-14

Who goes to Famima? On a recent trip to Famima, I walk in and see a shop that looks neat and organized. (I've been before, but this is an update)... Fashion magazines that are boring, you can get them anywhere. Mostly American stuff that's supposed to be a ready to eat section that can't beat most markets, and other goods like drinks, stuff you need for the house like $3 paper towels, and a few Japanese drinks and even stationery. So why am I writing about it? Basically, why go there? What makes this better than 7-11? What are you getting out of the "premium experience?" I'm not sure what's special, except the "buns" or bao. That's really good, but other than that? I highly doubt Famima is working, but if it is, then I'll be shocked. Do any of you go to Famima regularly?