By gr on 2007-01-01

The new year is here, a lot happened in 2006 within the GR world. Here's a few highlights. If you read GR over time, and you'll know what we've been up to.

1) Award at JANM. GR wins an award for being a "visionary in the arts" - something like that. JANM is the Japanese American National Museum.
2) Madrid. I went there in Feb to be on a panel discussion on art at ARCO.
3) GR helped the Imprint conference, and we even had a sneaker panel that was pretty cool.
4) GR goes bimonthly. 6 a year starting in 06.
5) I judged at Takashi Murakami's Geisai art fair. Fun and more.
6) I went around the world From tokyo, HK to england (for the Spank the Monkey art show).
7) We spoke at Harvard, Walker art museum, and Irvine! There were others, but I can't remember right now...
8) I showed in two art shows, at GRSF (haha)
9) Met a lot of great folks and got to see others thru GR. Shepard F, Carlo McCormick, Dzine, Mr Murakami, Ai and Shingo, Dan Wu, Cut & Paste folks, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jeff Staple, Michael Lau, Towa, Ryan McGinness, John Jay, Everyone who showed art at GR stores, Ashy, Kohei, Taroshooten, Cube, Ray Fong, Nao Harada, Edward Templeton, Gargamel, Kaws, and so many others.
10) I curated an art show in upstate NY. St. Lawrence University.

There were many other highlights in 2006. This list could probably be 10 entries longer. I think I went to GRNY 6 times, and GRSF 6 times and took a lot of other flights. It's nice to be back at home for a while.

We built a lot in 06 to hopefully set more up for 07. Other than that, all I ask is for people to be fair and decent.