By gr on 2006-12-28

Random musings. Late December.

Whoa gift basket #2! This one is from our print shop - Transcontinental. Thanks Mike Bradley and Kent Gower. They're nice folks, and something like this comes every year. They don't mess up much, and they're usually pretty good to me. So Merry Xmas and so on folks. When you get older, you get gift baskets, this year it's two, previous it's just one. It's over...

Sculpy project while watching TV. The headdress is cut off a bit, but in the end, it's a dude cruising in a car happy with a funky Tuvan hat. I'll have to paint this. Like his tie?! He's selling bibles door to door.

Whoa there GW... Islam isn't necessarily shit, right? This was seen in a parking lot in Santa Monica. Funny technique. Lettering gets a D rating. I welcome graffiti that has a message, and it would be neat to see more if it replaced some of the other types of graffiti. Maybe I'd actually get mad by a message and it'll make more change. Graffiti inspiring change in more fields than "just" art. That's an interesting thought.