By gr on 2006-12-28

Desserts Recon - Scoops
712 N Heliotrope Dr. (2 blocks west of Vermont just north of Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 906-2649

It's not on Melrose, but a few doors up in an uppity cool neighborhood. If you were into going to the Macondo to see music way back in the day, this is the area. It might even be the exact spot, even though I'm a bit foggy on where Macondo used to be. You enter and the place is simple, bright, and has no frills. It's a place to eat ice cream. It's a bit off the main street, main neighborhood, and main people... it's carving out it's own existence and that's the toughest way to do anything.

The wall opposite of the ice cream looks like this. It's an art show!

The other side often looks like this. People come and ponder the flavors. He doesn't have hundreds, it's more like 20 at the most. Some have intriguing mixes like pomegranate passion fruit, bread, vegan chocolate peppermint... it changes and sometimes he takes ideas off of the bulletin board. Add your flavor if one comes to mind.

Homemade and handmade. The green one way down is pistachio.

This is vegan mocha (something), I forgot, but the brown is vegan chocolate peppermint.

This is Tai. He's the proprietor and a great guy. The ice cream is top notch, it won't disappoint. There are both vegan and non vegan ice creams and each flavor is made with care. We sell Scoops ice cream at gr/eats, and often people come in just to get ice cream. Hold the food! Scoops is a noticable departure from Pinkberry. If he had stores all over, the world would definitely be better. I've met Tai only once, but he has a good way about him, and you'll be happy when you leave.

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