By gr on 2006-12-25

Yogurt boy in the apron tells me to not take any pics. I guess no pics inside of PB

Mochi and kiwi. Unlikely companions, but it works.

The straight word: Pinkberry is the next Pokemon and it blows.

Yes, I know people love this place but I'll give you my reasons why Pinkberry fails. First, I've lived through three frozen yogurt fads. 1) Penguins, Heidi's, and TCBY. These sucked, and now they survive by selling ice-cream. 2) The fruit ground up phase in the early 90s. In LA at least, there were spots that had special machines that ground up yogurt and fresh fruit. Anyone remember Humphreys? Where are they now... 3) Pinkberry... Why will this last when the others didn't? You tell me...

I waited and waited thinking this was going to be great. In the end what are you getting?

1) A Rip - Pinkberry yogurt is just frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. At $4, you're getting ripped off. Buy a container of plain yogurt and freeze it, add fruit. I watched people go in and get yogurt and act like it was special. I also watched some get some who said it was a rip and the yogurt sucked. I'm not alone.

2) Good toppings - The mochi is actually good, but you can easily buy a piece for a buck. The fruit is fresh! Good for them, it's the only part they get right.

3) Mixed up - The space looks space age and neat, but isn't yogurt supposed to be natural and maybe better for you? How about a more natural environment? Why sell plastic junk kitchen shit? Department of Duh.

4) Yogurt boy - The guy who works at Pinkberry in the Sawtelle area is a rude kid, who thinks he's cool. In the end, he takes the establishment down another notch. Next time, call our name when the order is ready like you did for everyone else, and don't make lame comments - it's getting you nowhere.

5) You get stupid cookies on the table. It's already junk food, but now they're giving you more?

We were all disappointed in Pinkberry, it definitely fails to live up to the hype. For $4, get something good and as another said about Pinkberry, "don't believe the hype."