By gr on 2006-12-23

Back to Santouka. Shio ramen for Mr Bevry.

Can't hold back on the ramen. The key is the "special pork". That's what it looks like, and it's incredibly tender and amazing. It's different than the single slice of pork you get with the ramen, which is thin and more fatty. This is dense, probably cooked in a broth since it's nearly falling apart. It's a bit pricey, at something like $9 or $10 for the large, so my suggestion is to bring a friend and split the extra pork, it's a lot for one person. 2 visits and so far, stellar both times. I'm now thinking the medium or regular is the right size to get. The soup is rich and it might be too much to take in for a large. I wonder why the heck, do I see bowls of half eaten ramen there when I leave?